Friday, August 18th at the Christian Liberty Academy, formerly Arlington High School, home of the Cardinals.



Saturday, August 19th was at D’Andrea Banquets & Conference Center,                 4419 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake, IL 60014


The Arlington High School Class of 1967 (Arlington Heights, IL) held a 50-year class reunion.

Here is a partial list of those who attended.   Some new ones are at the bottom of the list.   Spouses and Guests have not been listed.

First & MiddleName Nickname HS Last Name Current Last Name
Robert Hamilton Bob Abney Abney
Christine Margaret Chris Abt Abt
Gloria Ann Gloria Anderson Watson
Cary Walter Cary Annen Annen
Cheryl Lyn Cheryl Bokelmann Bokelmann
Paul William Paul Bowen Bowen
Barbara Ann Barb Broscovak (Boncimino) Kovacevich
Robert Gordon Bob Butcher Butcher
Dorothy M Dorothy Chapman Hubbard
Jamie Pauline Jamie Chapman Chapman-Torres
Betty Betty Chin Ploplys
Susan Mary Sue Chodera Markshausen
Margaret Ann Peg Corwin Corwin
Lawrence Peter Larry Dale Dale
Allard Nelson Allard Deu Deu
Cheryl Frances Cheryl Dority Dority
Karen Joy Karen Ellertson Ellertson
Jerry Jerry Enright Enright
Pamela Lynn Pam Fruehling Sherman
Lorrence Post Lorry Getting Getting
Verne Donald Verne Gongol Gongol
Kathryn Ellen Kathie Graef Whiffin
Robert Irwin Bob Hecht Hecht
Susan Jean Sue Hellig Lauvetz
David Bruce Dave Howard Howard
Thomas Patrick Tom Hyde Hyde
Marcia Susan Marcia Jacoby Bowen
Michael Paul Mike Jones Jones
Maureen Hazel Maureen Klassen Cortez
Donna Jean Donna Krilcic Hardesty
Kenneth Allan Ken Kudsk Kudsk
Valerie Anne Valerie L’Hommedieu Stockman
Susan Kathy Susan Le Beau Parry
Thomas Patrick Tom MacCarthy MacCarthy
Harry Anold Arnie Malone Malone
Bonnie Linda Bonnie Marks Marks
Kim Gregory Kim Markshausen Markshausen
Sherri Lyn Sherry Mead Klopfenstein
Carol Lynn Carol Metzel Roeske
Susan Jean Susan Morrow Donaldson
Ruth Adeana Ruth Moulton Hultz
Gail Ann Gail Naylor Lane
Jane Alyce Jane Nichols Eggstaff
Bradley Ralph Brad Philo Philo
Paul Robert Paul Predick Predick
George Arthur George Reineking Reiniking
Richard Charles Rich Reiniking Reiniking
Diane Marie Diane Scholten Scholten
Dianne Marie Dianne Schreiner De Camp
Kristina Louise Kristi Schwank Kirkham
Clark Allen Clark Sims Sims
Charles Eugene Chuck Slater Slater
Carol Ann Carol Spomer Spomer
Stephen Weber Steve Starek Starek
Nancy Eileen Nancy Streit Fialkowski
John G John Svast Svast
Gail June Gail Tagtmeier Gudas
Jane Ellen Jane Ulrich Hoppe
Michael Paul Jr. Mike Wadzita Wadzita
Kathryn Ann Kathy Waffle Malone
Kim A Kim Wiederhold Alexander
Gloria Rae Gloria Woss Thelen
Maeme Maeme Yee Briehan
Sheila Kay Shiela Zimmerman Philo
Deborah Louise Debbie Zonsius Lane

Diane                      Diane            Hahnfeld               Hecht

Brad                         Brad              Somers                   Somers

John                         John              Sedor                        Sedor

Scott                      Scott              Warman                   Warman

Pam                          Pam                Jacobs                     Wuich

Gerald                     Gerry               Reese                      Reese

Peter                        Pete                 Olinger                    Olinger



50-Year Class Reunion

The Reunion was held the weekend of August 18 & 19, 2017.

Friday Night, August 18 6:00 PM till 9:00 PM – Reception at the Christian Liberty Academy, the former Arlington High School.  Toured the school!  DJ in the Gym.  Snacks and Non-alcoholic Drinks were provided.

Saturday Night, August 19th.  6:00 PM till 11:00 PM – Dinner, Music, DJ & Cash Bar at D’Andrea Banquets & Conference Center 4419 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

We found over 450 of our classmates and invited them.  

Please send in your current email, address, or phone number to mail@ahs1967.com.   Thanks for your help.

Quick Updates here:  There are over 130 members of the Facebook Group.  Please consider joining if you haven’t already done so.  It is a closed group.  We keep it strictly for our Class and spouses.  We do NOT allow others to join.



The Arlington Cardinals of ’67.

Your reunion committee consists of the following classmates:

Cary Annen – Lake in the Hills, IL
Barb (Broscovak) Kovacevich – Buffalo Grove, IL
Jamie Chapman-Torres – Crystal Lake, IL
Tom Hyde – Island Lake, IL
Verne Gongol – West Des Moines, IA



Join our Facebook Group for updates. Send your comments and questions by email to mail@ahs1967.com.